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Our bodies are made to move, and joints are designed to function with movement. Joints often lose their ability to move correctly, resulting in flawed bio-mechanics, discomfort, and often pain. We systematically assess the joints of the body for proper movement, determine which joints lack motion, and restore that motion. We generate movement through a variety of chiropractic techniques, all of which are safe and effective.

De Novo Pittsburgh offers the following Chiropractic Services.

New Patient Visit

Consists of a thorough history and physical exam. Following the exam you will be explained your condition and the different options available to you. If it is determined that our services will help your condition, your first treatment will then be received. If we cannot help your condition we will make sure you get to someone who can. 100% of each visit is spent with the doctor.

Follow-Up Visit

Following your new patient visit you will likely need to return for subsequent treatments. Our goal is to get you out of pain and return you to your usual activities as soon as possible. Although each person is unique, this will typically take 4-10 treatments. These visits will typically include treatments of active myofascial release therapy and/or Chiropractic manipulation and/or therapeutic exercise, and/or patient education. 100% of each visit is spent with the doctor.

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